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Texas Indigos
(Drymarchon errebennus)

Very similar to the Eastern Indigo. More of a gray-black coloration with some speckles. Chin color is golden or brown.

Price: Market price
  19 available

Eastern Kingsnakes        Edisto Island locale
(Lampropeltis getula getula)

A variation of the Eastern King with a naturally occurring mosaic pattern.

Price: Market price
One clutch
Honduran Milksnakes
Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis)

The most popular milksnake. Available in several different morphs including Hypo, Extreme Hypo, Albino, and hets.

Price: varies according to morph
Hypos, Extreme Hypos & tangerine albinos
Chihuahua Mtn. Kingsnakes
(Lampropeltis triangulum gaigae)

From reduced-black breeders. Most have intricate lateral patterns.

Price: $60 - $175

None available in 2013



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